November 2 - 10, 2019


Event Details (21)

November 2-10, 2019 (Nov. 1st is the practice day and player kickoff party.)

We are proud to announce that the 2019 USAPA National Championships tournament will be held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, California.

To participate in this year’s tournament, a player must have participated in at least one USAPA sanctioned Tier 1 or Tier 2 event between July 16, 2018, and July 15, 2019. It is not necessary to have participated in one-for-one events. For example, if you played mixed in a sanctioned tournament, you are eligible to participate in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

If a player does not live in the US for more than 3 months a year and is not able to participate in an USAPA sanctioned tournament, he/she may request a hardship exemption from the Tournament Director (click here to send email).  Like all participants, international players are still required to have a valid USAPA membership through the duration of the National Championships.  The following list of Regional and Tier II events are the qualifiers for the 2019 National Championships:

USAPA Great Lakes Regional: July 18-22, 2018 (Kalamazoo, MI)
USAPA Middle-States Regional: Aug 8-12, 2018 (Lakeville, MN)
USAPA Pacific NW Regional: Aug 10-12, 2018 (Bend, OR)
Coeur d’Alene Classic – Aug 16-20 2018 (Coeur d’Alene, ID)
Tournament of Champions – Aug 24-26 2018 (Brigham City, UT)
USAPA Great Plains Regional: Sept 6-9, 2018 (Colorado Springs, CO)
USAPA West Regional: Oct 5-7, 2018 (Claremont, CA)
Fall Brawl – Oct 9-13, 2018 (St George, UT)
USAPA Atlantic South Regional: Oct 18-21, 2018 (Griffin, GA)
Huntsman World Senior Games – Oct 15-20, 2018 (St George, UT)
USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional: Oct 26-28, 2018 (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Sun City Fall Roundup – Oct 30- Nov 1, 2018 (Sun City, AZ)


Tommy Wong Tournament:Jan 4-7, 2019 (Surprise, AZ)
USAPA Southwest Regional: January 8-13, 2019 (Surprise, AZ)
Happy Trails Classic: Jan 14-19, 2019 (Surprise, AZ)
Palm Desert Senior Games: Feb 8-10, 2019 (Palm Desert, CA)
PebbleCreek 4th Annual: Feb 13-15, 2019 (Goodyear, AZ)
Grand Canyon State Games AZ Pickleball Championships: Feb 21-26, 2019 (Surprise, AZ)
Duel in the Desert 16th Annual Palm Creek Pickleball Tourn.: Feb 28-Mar 3, 2019 (Casa Grande, AZ)
Spring Slam: Mar 8-10, 2019 (Sun City, AZ)
Fun In The Sun: Mar 11-13, 2019 (Sun City West, AZ)
Robson Ranch 7th Annual: Mar 13-17, 2019 (Eloy, AZ)
The Lakes Spring Fling hosted by Marcin Rozpedski: Mar 22-24, 2019 (Palm Desert, CA)
International Indoor Championships: Mar 25-31, 2019 (Centralia, WA)
USAPA Mid-South Regional: March 28-31, 2019 (Denton, TX)
2019 New Jersey State $5000 Open: Apr 12-14, 2019 (Randolph, NJ)
USAPA Mountain Regional: May 24-29, 2019 (Brigham City, UT)
Atlanta Open – The South Pickleball Championships: May 31 – June 2, 2019 (Alpharetta, GA)
National Senior Games (NSGA): June 14 – 25, 2019 (Albuquerque, NM)
USAPA Atlantic Regional: June 27-30, 2019 (Hanover, MA)
2019 Coeur d’Alene Classic Presented by Selkirk: July 11-14, 2019 (Coeur d’Alene, ID)
The Grand Rapids Beer City Open Pickleball Championships: July 11-14, 2019 (Grand Rapids, MI)

Rain Policy:  Players who were registered to play in any of the above events and  were unable to play due to inclement weather, USAPA will honor this as meeting the participation qualification

This is a double elimination tournament. All winner bracket matches will be 2 out of 3 to 11 win by 2 points. Loser bracket matches will be one game to 15 win by 2. The bronze match will be 2 out of 3 to 11 win by 2 points.

Since all players must participate in a USAPA sanctioned event prior to Nationals, the new UTPR rating system will generate a Tournament rating for you.

The Open/Senior Open Events are for 5.0+ rated players. We will be using the new rating system for this year’s event. The player must have an official USAPA/IFP UTPR Rating of 5.0 or higher at the time of registration to participate in any open category at Nationals. Any event that does not reach capacity by 8/15/19 will be opened up to 4.5 players.

Players who earned a Gold Medal in any event at any of the following USAPA Regional Tournaments or any Gold Medal earned from the 2018 USAPA Margaritaville National Championships will  receive an email between July 1 and July 15 (exact date of the email TBA).  This will allow an opportunity to pre-register for the event type that he/she won the gold in. Example: Ladies 65-69 3.0 will be able to pre-register for a ladies age/skill event at Nationals.

2019 Pre-registration is available to the following:

*All Medalists from the 2018 USAPA National Championship Open & Sr. Open.
*All Gold Medalists in any age/skill event from the 2018 USAPA National Championships.
All Gold Medalists in a Tier 1 USAPA Sanctioned Tournament between July 15, 2018, and July 15, 2019.
All Gold Medalists at any USAPA Regional Event held between July 15, 2018, and July 15, 2019.

Note 1 – Medal winners noted above (*) from the 2018 National Championships MUST ALSO play in one of the USAPA qualifying tournaments as listed in FAQ #3 above.

In the event that brackets were combined, medals may be issued to category winners but pre-registration opportunities for 2019 Nationals are only to the combined bracket winners*.

*It came to the attention of the USAPA that in some instances, tournament information posted on by some Tournament Directors for individual USAPA Regional Tournaments did not fully explain the details of how to earn a pre-registration opportunity for 2019 National Championships. Since the clarification regarding combined events was not posted to the Nationals website until mid August, we want to honor what was communicated to our members on the individual tournament postings where the tournament registration occurred prior to the clarification posting on August 15.

If all of the above is true, we will honor the pre-registration entry for the 2019 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships. In order to accept this offer, you must have sent an email request to [email protected] by December 31, 2018.

It is always the goal of the USAPA to honor our word to our membership and to do our best to offer a positive and fun tournament experience at each of our Regional and National Tournaments.

At this time the USAPA National Championships is the only Tier 1 event. In 2019 the Tournament of Champions will also be listed as a Tier 1 event and winners will qualify for a 2020 pre-registration opportunity (not 2019).

No, players may only play in one Open division event per day. Example: Male Player A (50 and above) may not play in both Senior Open Mixed Doubles and Open Mixed Doubles. However, Male player A (50 and above) may play in Senior Open Mixed Doubles and Open Men’s Doubles.

Yes, skill/age events will be played per the schedule that will be posted soon to this website. Any skill/age events that do not have enough entries will be combined with another skill/age division being played on the same day. Example: If you sign up for 55-59 3.0, you may be combined with 50-54 3.0 players. Efforts will be made to not combine skill groups.

If an interested participant does not live in the US for more than 3 months a year and is not able to participate in a sanctioned event, he/she may request a hardship exemption from the Tournament Director. Email [email protected]

Your UTPR ratings will be used to determine your skill level.

Detailed event start time schedules will be developed for each day after charts have been created. They will be available no later than October 28, 2019, on

Your eligible age is the age you will be on December 31, 2019.

Yes. For skill/age events, they must meet the participation requirement outlined on the event website and pay the required event fee for each event they enter. Juniors that wish only to play in junior divisions are not required to meet the participation requirements. Juniors with a 5.0 rating may choose to participate in the Open event if they meet the participation requirements. Players are limited to one event per day so juniors must select which category they want to play. If a junior decides to play in an open event they will be required to pay a full registration fee.

The age of the youngest player is used to determine the age group bracket. At the time of registration, a player or team may select to play in an age group younger than the team’s youngest player. Example: A team of two 64-year-old players may play in any age group below the age of 64 except juniors. This will be allowed at the time of registration only.

For junior events, the age of the oldest player is used to select the age group for junior events. If a junior (8-18) is playing with a non-junior (19+), 19 will be used; they will play in the under 35 group. Juniors may play in both junior events and under 35 skill/age events if they have met the participation requirements.

Players may play in any age group for which they qualify. Example: A 52-year-old player may play in 19+, 35+, or 50-54. Players may choose only one age group in each event. The age groups do not need to be the same. Example: A 59-year-old player may play in under 35 for Doubles, in 50-54 for Mixed Doubles and 55-59 for Singles. All players with a rating of 5.0 or higher can enter Open Division events.

Player limits are at the discretion of the tournament directors, who reserve the right to limit the number of players playing in each event. Registration will close once all divisions are full.  With the lottery system in effect, players are to have paid and be registered with paid partners by 8/7/2019.  Registration will be open from 8/1 – 8/7 and then a lottery will be drawn 8/8 with players being notified by 8/22 if they are in the tournament. Any spots left after the lottery will be given priority based on being registered and paid with a registered and paid partner. A wait list will be available for each event if the event is filled. NOTE: Some divisions may be closed ahead of the registration deadline pending total registration numbers.

Each bracket will initially have an equal number of slots available. After the initial registration period any of the unused slots from 1 event will be moved to other events that have teams on the waitlist. This will be prioritized by which brackets have the longest wait lists and teams will be moved into brackets and off the waitlist by order in which they signed up.

  • 1, 2 or 3 teams will be combined by skill/age to provide the most competitive competition
  • 4 – 5 teams, Round Robin
  • 6 teams or more, Double Elimination

There will be a cash purse again this year for the Open and Senior Open Division winners. The prize amount is $80,000.

Registration (19)

Registration will open August 1, 2019

No need to run to your pc, tablet or phone to register and hope you can type faster than everyone else.  For 2019 we will be making a change to the registration process as outlined below:

  • Pre-registration for those that qualify will open on July 15.  Those players will receive a letter inviting them to register starting July 15, 2019 with general registration opening on August 1, 2019.
  • General registration will open on August 1, 2019 at mid-night PDT.  When general registration opens players will be allowed, for a one week period, to register at a time that is convenient for you with no priority given by timestamp of when you registered.  On August 8th a random lottery draw will take place to determine who gets spots in events for the remaining spots left after pre-registration. Players will be notified if they got a spot by August 22nd.
  • When a player’s name is drawn, they and their partner will be entered in all events they have registered for if spots are available.
  • Once all spots are filled those players that did not get drawn from the lottery will be placed on a wait list in order by which they are drawn.
  • Anyone registering after August 7, 2019 will be placed on the wait list after those from the lottery.

We hope this method of registration will prove to relieve the anxiety of having to have the fastest network or typing fingers to get a spot.  We feel this process will give all an equal chance to get into all available events.

Please send any question to [email protected]

Registration will close once all divisions are full.  With the lottery system in effect, players are to have paid and be registered with paid partners by 8/7/2019.  Registration will be open from 8/1 – 8/7 and then a lottery will be drawn 8/8 with players being notified by 8/22 if they are in the tournament. Any spots left after the lottery will be given priority based on being registered and paid with a registered and paid partner.


In order to register for the other events, you will have to log on during the general registration which opens on August 1st.

No, you may play in only one event per day.

During the registration process on, after you add the event click the change button next to the event you want to do a skill or age override, then click the Skill/Age Group button to specify the skill or age group you want to play in.  Select the appropriate skill or age from the drop-down list and click Make Changes.

Only those individuals who have submitted their own registrations and paid registration and event fees by August 7, 2019, will be considered registered. Registration includes providing contact information, selecting events/partners and paying all fees. When a participant provides contact information their name is listed among players registered for the tournament and their name may appear on the “Needs Partner List” if they have registered for an event but have not identified a partner.

Go to and apply for a USAPA membership (or renew your membership if it is set to expire before Nov. 11, 2019). Your USAPA membership number will not be active until you have paid your USAPA membership dues. To ensure that your USAPA membership is processed promptly, it is suggested that you use PayPal for payment. Memberships completed and paid online are processed in real time and players will receive an email with their member number. Players who opt to pay for their membership with a mailed check are placed in a ‘pending status’ and must wait for their payment to be received, processed and cleared before receiving their member number. This could take 10-14 days. You will not be able to sign up for Nationals until you have received your member number.

One of two things could be causing this issue:

  • Your number is not correct in your profile. To verify or update the number log on to pickleball and select Update My Profile.
  • Your USAPA membership has expired or will expire during the tournament. If so, you will need to renew your USAPA membership. If you have questions regarding your USAPA membership, contact the USAPA member services at [email protected].

Preferred payment method is online via PayPal or any major credit card. When paying online, you will be directed to a PayPal page, however, you do not need a PayPal account – you can pay using any major credit card. If you use PayPal or a credit card, your payment information will be forwarded to the USAPA registration department. The USAPA has a PayPal account but has no control over how PayPal handles your account. If you encounter any problems with PayPal, you need to contact PayPal. The USAPA is not responsible for any registration or event fee payments not processed by PayPal. Once an online payment is received along with the registration form, the player is considered registered. Paying with a Check: USAPA no longer accepts checks, you must pay online to complete your registration.

Fees are due at the time of registration. Players who submit a registration but not a payment are NOT registered. Players are not included in an event until registration and event fees are paid in full.

A registration is complete when the registration and event fees are paid for both you and your partner. Anyone not registered with a partner or unpaid fees on August 7, will be moved to the waitlist and replaced with a fully paid and partnered team.

Yes.  Any registered player losing a partner must replace that partner with an already registered player. The replacement must be in the same skill/age group that you are scheduled to play. Keep in mind as you search for a replacement that players may play down in age and up in skill. Replacements need to be known and communicated to [email protected] by 4 p.m. the day before you are scheduled to play.  Any request for replacements coming in after 4p.m. the day before you are scheduled to play will be reviewed by the Tournament Director for approval. Replacements can be found on the players needing partners list, at the bottom of the main welcome page.

There is feature on the USAPA website called “Partner Search”. We recommend you check Partner Search to see if you can find a partner before you register. In addition, players who have registered for an event without a partner can be viewed by clicking the “Needs Partner” button on If you register without a partner, you have until midnight PST August 7, 2019, to register with a partner, sign the waiver and pay the registration and event fees. If both partners have not completed these items you will automatically be moved to the waitlist and priority given to teams on the waitlist that have met each of those requirements.

Yes, players must withdraw themselves prior to September 1, 2019, in order to receive a refund. Registration and event fees will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. Refunds will be processed as a credit to the original form of payment where possible. Checks will only be issued when electronic forms of payment are not available (i.e. closed accounts or other reasons precluding an electronic transaction). Refunds will be processed by November 30, 2019.

Withdrawals after this date will only be accepted for medical reasons and must be accompanied by documentation from a treating physician.

Questions regarding refunds should be sent to [email protected].

Upon registering, you will receive an immediate confirmation of payment. All participants will also receive an email confirming the contact information contained in their registration profile on, listing the events they have registered for, and listing fees/payments as of the date of the confirmation. Confirmations will be sent via email no later than September 16. Participants who do not supply an email address will be responsible for verifying their own registration information on as they will not receive any other form of communication from the USAPA for the 2019 USAPA National Championships.

Email [email protected] if you do not receive your confirmation.

USAPA reserves the right to refuse entry to the Tournament to any individual for any reason.

All current USAPA members can check the status of their membership by logging into their USAPA account (click here).  Once in, go to the ‘Member Area’ and click the link that says ‘Membership Status/Billing Info’.

Only 5.0 players in Open may purchase the Pro Player package.

Venue (18)

Indian Wells Tennis Garden
78-200 Miles Avenue
Indian Wells, CA 92210

The Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) is approximately 30 minutes from the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. 10 top airlines providing nonstop service from 18 cities. Other nearby airports:

ONT: Ontario International Airport (1 hour 15-minute drive)
SNA: John Wayne Airport-Orange County (1 hour 30-minute drive)
LAX: Los Angeles International Airport (2-hour drive)
SAN: San Diego International Airport (2 hours and 15-minute drive)
LAS: Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (4-hour drive)
PHX: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (4-hour drive)

Yes, we will have a few taped courts available for those who purchased a pro player package. Please remember practice courts are limited so please stay on the court no longer than 15 minutes.

There is parking near the courts. Parking is TBD for cars and TBD for RVs. Entrance to the general parking lot is Gate 4, off of Miles Avenue.

Yes, Indian Wells Tennis Garden has several options for purchasing food and beer on-site.

Yes, water will be provided.

No, there will be plenty of shade available for players. You may bring coolers and umbrellas. No chairs allowed.

We welcome the presence of service animals assisting people with disabilities. A service animal is defined as an animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. Family pets or other animals are not allowed on-site.

In 2018 we had Restorative Sports Massages at the First Aid room on the Southeast corner of Stadium One, next to the Player Area.  A complete trainer/massage protocol will be announced prior to the event.

No, while there will be plenty of restrooms, there will be no general access to shower or workout facilities.

Ticket prices for the 2019 event are $5-20. Visit our Tickets Page for more information.

Bags/backpacks no larger than 16 x 16 x 8 inches are permitted. Bags, purses and backpacks will be subject to search upon entrance to the site, so please allow additional time for entry.

Alcohol, weapons, illegal substances, glass, open beverage containers and hard-sided bags/containers are NOT permitted. Prohibited items that are discovered during bag inspections must either be returned to your vehicle or discarded. The Indian Wells Tennis Garden will not provide storage for these items. Guests arriving by public transportation must take particular caution not to bring any prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made.

Yes, however the cooler may not be larger than 16 x 16 x 8 and will be subject to inspection at the entry gate.

No, alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto the tournament grounds but may be purchased onsite. If you consume alcoholic beverages, please do so in a responsible manner. Please note, tailgating is not permitted in any of the parking areas.

There will be plenty of seating at the courts and around the venue, lawn chairs will not be permitted.

No, all live streaming will be done by a professional media company and the USAPA.

More information will be available soon.

No.  Only service animals and service animals in training are allowed on the tournament grounds.

Lodging (1)

No, the USAPA does not have a Host Home program. However, Indian Wells Tennis Garden has made arrangements with local hotels and RV resorts for players and referees at discounted rates. All local host hotels and RV resorts for the 2019 tournament will be updated on this page soon:

General (18)

Initially, we felt a National tournament should have larger brackets. Some members felt that this choice was unfair to players over 50. We felt it was important to listen to our membership and wanted to offer a compromise.

Yes, every match will have a referee. For a great tournament, it is important that everyone able to referee volunteer to help. Our goal is to have a USAPA Certified Referee for all Gold medal matches We will be paying referees this year; details to follow.

You must check-in each play day so we know if all the players have arrived and to provide an opportunity to ensure your tournament registration is in order. Players will not be allowed to play if any part of their registration is incomplete or their event fees have not been paid.

Players must check in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

This is currently under review and will be updated here as we get closer to registration.

Yes, all results, brackets, schedules, court assignments, matches waiting for court assignments and find a player can all be accessed here or via Results will be posted on the internet as soon as a match is completed and the score sheet is returned to the Tournament Desk. Court assignments and match waiting lists will be updated when the score sheets are entered.

We will make every effort to resume play as soon as possible. We will communicate all updates and any decisions with you during the rain delay via email/text options. In some cases, if we are not able to resume play the event will be canceled.

This is an outdoor event subject to the weather. No refunds or credit will be issued for cancellation of events due to inclement weather. We will do all we can to play all matches including modifying the format if necessary.

The Event Player List will be available on a date to be determined.

Detailed start times will be available no later than October 31, 2019, after charts have been created and seeded. Court assignments and matches waiting lists will be available at midnight the day that each event is to be played.

Charts will be posted for each Division and Event at midnight on the day of play for that event. However, due to last minute team or player withdrawals, charts may change until the scheduled start time for an event.

Yes, except for matches being played on the Championship Court. Those matches are reserved for USAPA and the event partners.

You may record match action on any court other than the championship court. Any recording and/or streaming equipment set up at the court must be approved by event organizers and/or USAPA officials.

There will be no recording of matches to a GoPro or other devices.

Yes, on Friday, November 1st, practice courts will be available from 10 am to 8 pm.

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