Rockin’ Protein

Rockin’ Protein starts with nothing more than pure, fresh milk from Shamrock Farms, who has been proudly providing protein-rich dairy since 1922. Rockin’ Protein supplies athletes of every kind the same great taste but optimized with the best sources of protein and other nutrients so you can treat your tired muscles to a flavorful treat.

Refuel after intense workouts with Recovery, boost your body with the dual fuel of Energy, or feed your muscles with Builder. Whatever healthy looks like to you, there’s a Rockin’ Protein to match. All with the refreshing real dairy taste that only Rockin’ Protein can offer, which comes in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

Be sure to try great-tasting Rockin’ Protein during Nationals which is sure to fuel your body, help hit your goals, and make sure you come back strong for your next pickleball game. Look for Rockin’ Protein the refrigerated section of your favorite store – Rockin’ Protein, Rockin’ Good!


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