Tyson McGuffin

Hayden, ID

Tyson McGuffin is the reigning USAPA Men’s Singles National Champion and arguably one of the finest players in the world. A former competitive tennis player and one of the top-rated teaching pros in the country, McGuffin is one of the sport’s most accomplished and recognizable players. He captured the men’s singles titles at the 2018 US Open and Atlanta Open and was a bronze medalist in men’s doubles at the ’18 US Open. He also took home the gold in men’s doubles at the 2018 Tournament of Champions. A natural athlete, McGuffin grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington, in a family that was fully immersed in the sport of wrestling, as his father was a high school coach. While competing on the mat was his main sport growing up, McGuffin found tennis at a later age and took up the game competitively at the junior college level after passing up on a wrestling scholarship. While continuing to play competitively, McGuffin eventually became a tennis instructor, before being introduced to the sport of pickleball at his local YMCA. While initially struggling with the fast-paced game, he eventually parlayed his tennis skills into becoming a competitive player. “What won me over was a variety of things. Mainly, how pickleball is a fresh breath of air from tennis. I love the people, the family-oriented community, how the sport is so embracing to beginners and the overall camaraderie of everyone involved,” said McGuffin, who is known for his tenacity and unrelenting competitiveness on the pickleball court. McGuffin turned professional less than two years after picking up his first pickleball paddle, and his success was immediate as he won multiple championships in 2016 and 2017, including his USAPA title. Today, when not traveling to play on the professional pickleball circuit, McGuffin resides in Hayden, Idaho where he serves as a USPTA and IPTPA certified tennis instructor, as well as a certified pickleball teacher along with spending time with his five-year-old son. He is also under the tutelage of coach Morgan Evans who has been instrumental in guiding McGuffin into elite player status. “One of the things Morgan has changed about my game is taking better care of my body and on the mental side, giving me a different vision. He is really able to analyze the game well and give me more options to utilize in singles. It makes a huge difference having a fresh set of eyes in your corner.”

McGuffin is also beyond excited about this year’s Nationals being played in a new location. “Having this tournament held at Indian Wells Tennis Garden is a dream come true for me. I’m sure it will be one to remember!”