Scott Moore and Kris Anderson play Cammy MacGregor and Brian Staub in the seniors mixed doubles gold medal match during the 2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championship at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on Thursday Nov. 8, 2018.

Scott Moore

Colorado Springs, CO

Like a fine wine, Scott Moore just keeps getting better with age. Winner of 12 straight USAPA National Championship events from 2015-2017, the Texas native is also a 16-time winner at Nationals, capturing six gold medals in six events in 2016. Moore is a six-time Triple Crown winner, earning titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles at the 2015 and ’16 USAPA Nationals, 2015-2017 Tournament of Champions and at the 2018 US Open. Not bad for someone who first picked up a pickleball paddle in early 2013. “I was attracted to it simply because I love to compete and try new sports, and when a friend invited me to play, well I was excited to try it.” While all the numerous awards and accolades piled up over the years, Moore can point to one win that has meant the most to him. “The sweetest win of my life, for various reasons, was teaming up with my son, Daniel this year at the Bend Pacific Northwest Regional and taking gold in the 5.0: 19+ men’s doubles.” Daniel started playing under his Dad’s tutelage and within six months had become a National Champion as well. They shared co-Pickleball Player of the Year honors awarded to them by Pickleball Rocks in 2015. A junior tennis player while growing up in Fort Worth, Moore loves the social aspect of pickleball and how it has taken off in popularity. “I think that pickleball’s explosive growth is due to a combination of a number of factors. First and foremost the social aspect, as it is the most social sport most people will ever play and people are so friendly. I would also say that it has been aided by low barriers to entry, meaning that it is a very inexpensive sport, and courts are popping up all over the country, making it accessible to a multitudes of players. Lastly, I would say because it is not just a speed and power game, but has so much finesse and strategy involved, it appeals to a wider range of people and is not just about athletic ability, speed and power like so many other racket sports tend to be.” Moore also expresses similar sentiments of so many others in the game who can’t wait to step onto the courts at this year’s USAPA National Championships. “With the Nationals move to Indian Wells, I think this will be a huge credibility step forward for pickleball. Indian Wells is one of the premier venues in the tennis world, and I can’t believe that they won’t make it a world class pickleball venue as well, and publicize it more effectively than ever before, meaning that more people than ever will experience, either watching or playing, the greatest sport that has ever been invented.”

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