November 2 - 10, 2019

Rachel Elliott

In 2017, at the age of 15 years old, Rachel became the first junior professional pickleball player and went on to win the bronze medal at The Lakes Spring Fling in Palm Desert, California with Kyle Yates. That same year, she captured her first major title, the Women’s 19+ Doubles at the US Open in Naples, Florida.

Growing up in Oxford, Florida, which is located right next to the Villages, considered by many to be the “pickleball capital of the world.” Rachel has plenty of competition to play against and does not have to travel far to find a court to play on.

Recently, with an opportunity to further hone her skills on the court, Rachel’s family decided to install two pickleball courts right in their own backyard! “I love being able to just walk outside and have pickleball courts right there,” said Rachel. “It has really helped me to improve my game.”

Rachel’s family also owns a pickleball company, Engage Pickleball. “We started Engage Pickleball four years ago and it quickly escalated from developing and making paddles in our garage to being one of the top pickleball manufacturers in the world,” added Rachel.

Having been playing competitively for six years, Rachel has become one of the top female players in the sport. Recently, she won gold with her mother, Jodi Elliott at the Lifetime Summer Pickleball Championships. “Being able to experience the growth of pickleball firsthand is an amazing experience,” said Rachel “The competition alone has grown tremendously in the past year.”

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