December 6-14, 2021
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Lauren Stratman

Knoxville, TN

Paddle: Electrum Model E Pickleball Paddle
Birthday: June 18, 1994
Height: 5’7″
College: Columbia University (1 year) Westmont College (3 years) with a BA in Kinesiology

Q + A

What do you do outside of pickleball?

I used to teach tennis full time, now it’s Pickleball full time!  However, I still enjoy playing tennis sometimes. I also like spike ball, hiking, and the beach.

How did you start playing pickleball?

I was introduced to it by one of my tennis students, started coming out to open play and I got hooked!

Who are your sponsors?

Electrum, Neptune, and Chicken N Pickle

Do you teach pickleball?  If so, where?

I was the director of pickleball at the Santa Barbara city courts for the past year but have just recently moved to Knoxville, TN and will be looking to teach in that area as well.

What other sports do you play, or have played?

I have played tennis since I was 7 and I played in college and a short stint professionally.

Do you have any pre-match / post-match rituals / superstitions?

Throughout my whole tennis career I was very superstitious. It’s starting to transfer over to pickleball now, for example, if I sign the scorecard after we win our first match, I have to sign all of them the rest of the day. Also try to always start on the same side of the court, it’s the little things like that.


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