November 6 - November 13, 2021
USAPA Nationals IX 2017

Glen Peterson

Redmond, WA
After a 25-year career working with Caterpillar and traveling to places like Japan, Canada and France, Glen Peterson retired in 2009 and was ready to settle down and garden with his wife on their six acre farm in Redmond, Washington. But, like so many others, a family member, this time his father introduced Glen to the sport of pickleball. And, like so many others, he has never looked back. “I was introduced to doubles pickleball by my 85 year old father at the Northshore Senior Center in 2013 and got ‘kicked out’ to find more competitive venues which launched me as a pickleball junkie in search of the next pickleball high.”
Those “highs” came quickly for Peterson. Playing with partner Scott Moore, one of the game’s very best, they won gold medals at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 USAPA National Championships. In 2017, Peterson also captured gold in the 55-60 Men’s Doubles bracket with partner Del Kauss and a silver medal with Kauss in the Senior Open Men’s Doubles. He also won gold medals at the 2017 and 2018 International Indoor Championships. Peterson is quick to point out some of the reasons behind the explosive growth of the sport.  “Pickleball is so easy to begin and is more of a community than a competition.  Barriers to participation are relatively low in terms of cost and athleticism and court access.  Pickleball scales down nicely for people who are less mobile or athletic but scales up wonderfully for super athletes who want to compete.”
Currently, a part-owner and freelance employee of Pickleball Central, Peterson finds himself developing new equipment for the sport, namely a new paddle with Selkirk Sport. “Despite his background as merely a decent high school tennis player, Selkirk and Pickleball Central and a bit of luck on court have propelled me into the spotlight,” said Peterson.
He also thinks the sport has received an incredible boost with the game’s showcase event re-locating to California. “Indian Wells for the Nationals is a breakout venue. Pickleball has arrived!  The players are super excited to get such tremendous recognition.  When history books are written about this sport, Nationals at Indian Wells may be considered a watershed event.”
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