November 5-13, 2022

Daniel Moore

Colorado Springs, CO

Traveling the world and teaching the sport of pickleball has been at the cornerstone of Daniel Moore’s life for quite some time. Having grown up in Japan and now living in Nagano, Moore has traversed the landscapes of Asia, India, Singapore, Thailand, China and even Kenya where he lived for awhile. All for the love of a game that he was first introduced to just five short years ago. “I don’t think there is another sport where you can teach someone for an hour, and they can already jump into playing games. At the same time, there are infinite ways to improve your game, so I think people get addicted. That, and the fact that pickleball people are generally so inclusive and nice makes the sport fun for everyone. You can just show up to a court anywhere and know that you will get a game. I think that’s a huge strength of pickleball.”

Moore, who played tennis at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles is one of the game’s best doubles players having won men’s doubles titles in 2017 at the Spanish Open and USAPA Nationals while garnering silver in mixed doubles at Nationals and the Tournament of Champions. In 2018, Moore won both singles and men’s doubles at a Northwest Regional tournament in Bend, Oregon and the silver medal in 19+ singles at the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships to go along with a bronze medal in Men’s 19+ Doubles.

Spanning the globe, Moore has seen first-hand the tremendous potential the sport of pickleball has with people from other countries. Random talk has often centered around the possibility of developing the game into an Olympic sport. “Before we get to the Olympics, we need players from those countries competing at the top level and I want to train those players. When Asia gets seriously involved, I think it will change the sport completely,” said Moore.

And, change has come to the sport right here in the United States with the Nationals now being played at a world-renowned sports venue. “Moving to Indian Wells was a huge step for pickleball. The coverage and prestige gained from just playing in that venue alone has meant a lot of added exposure and growth for pickleball and it’s exciting to see.”

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