November 2 - 10, 2019

Mixed doubles pickleballers play a match during the 2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championship at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden on Wednesday Nov. 7, 2018.

Corrine Carr

Holly Springs, NC

Growing up in Myrtle Beach and Pinehurst, North Carolina, where golf is a way of life, Corrine Carr naturally gravitated towards the sport and played well enough to earn a scholarship to Furman University. She would finish up her collegiate career at South Carolina, playing for the Gamecocks. Carr was also a talented tennis player, having taken to the courts as a junior and it was an easy transition for her when she first started playing pickleball in 2014. At the time, she was living in Michigan where she was finishing up her PhD in Finance at Michigan State. “I love how social the sport is. Most people in pickleball also seem to be incredibly friendly. I walked away from my first tournament absolutely in love with pickleball because of the friendly competition. I’d never experienced anything like it, and I have competed at a high level in athletics for most of my life. Pickleball is special.”

Carr is also a special player having won numerous gold medals including Women’s Doubles Pro at the 2018 Tournament of Champions and 2018 US Open. A year ago, she would capture gold in Women’s Doubles Open at the USAPA National Championships and in Women’s Doubles Pro at the US Open. At the 2017 Tournament of Champions, Carr won gold in the Women’s Doubles Masters. “Regardless of age and athletic ability, almost everyone who tries pickleball loves it. I think we’ve had explosive growth in recent years because more people know about the game and are trying it. Once they try it, they get hooked!”

According to Carr, the sport’s meteoric rise in popularity is directly attributable to the tennis community fully accepting the fastest growing racket/paddle sport in America. “I’m thrilled Indian Wells is hosting the USAPA National Championships. It says to me that the tennis world is embracing pickleball.”