November 5-13, 2022

Christine McGrath

Pasadena, CA

Paddle: Franklin

One of the more accomplished doubles players on the professional pickleball circuit, Christine McGrath grew up in Southern California, but made her way cross country to play Division I tennis, first at the United States Military Academy at West Point for two years, before finishing up her collegiate career at Marist College which overlooks the beautiful Hudson River Valley in the town of Poughkeepsie, New York.

She started playing pickleball in September of 2014 and with her high level of talent in tennis quickly found pickleball to her liking. “I loved that it was a new and exciting sport to compete after college tennis,” said Christine. “We are seeing more and more high-quality tennis players coming into the sport and I think many of these players are helping to recruit their former friends from tennis as well. I know I have convinced many of my tennis friends to give pickleball a try and a lot of them are hooked and are now playing with me in the pro ranks.”

The sport of pickleball fosters a natural camaraderie amongst its players and Christine knows the future of the sport is extremely bright. “We will continue to see the sport growing and the professional aspect of the sport evolving. We will also see more prize money coming into the sport at the professional level and yes, we will see pickleball in the Olympics one day.”

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