December 6-14, 2021

Partnership Opportunities

Customized partnership opportunities at the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships allow brands to engage with our loyal audience of Pickleball fans.

2019 USA National Pickleball Championship Facts

  • Male/ Female: ~ 67%/33%
  • 2018 Nationals Player Registration: Over 2,200
  • 267 total hours of live content/streaming and 318,560 total views (Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Webcam)
  • 18 total partners and exhibitors
  • 25,000 total attendees in 2019
  • About 67% of players stay longer than three days
  • Players participated from 48 states/ 3 provinces
  • 4,293 total matches played

SFIA’s Pickleball Participation Report

  • Pickleball currently has over 3.3 million players in the US, and increase of 9.7% since 2015
  • 2 million players are considered casual players
  • 1.3 million players are considered core players
  • 1.1% of the US population are Pickleball players
  • 64% of core players are 55 or older


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We are committed to partnering with brands who share our passion, our values and our commitment to quality and the sport of Pickleball. Each of our partnerships is customized to meet the objectives of the partner, taking advantage of the tournament assets that are most beneficial to your brand.

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