November 5-13, 2022

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Jun 23, 2022

Nationals Rewind: Pro Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Match

The Pro Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Match features two experienced and talented teams. Watch the hard-hitting duo of Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova compete against star pros Anna Leigh Waters and Tyson McGuffin.
Jun 16, 2022

2021 Pro Singles Bronze Medal Matches

Continuing the Nationals Rewind series this week with exciting Pro Singles Bronze Medal Matches featuring Tyson McGuffin vs. JW Johnson and Irina Tereschenko vs. Jillian Braverman!
Jun 9, 2022

2021 Pro Doubles Bronze Medal Matches

Watch the Men’s Doubles match featuring Erik Lange and Wesley Gabrielsen vs. JW Johnson and Callan Dawson. The Women’s Doubles match features Lea Jansen and Irina Tereschenko vs. Catherine Parenteau and Jessie Irvine.
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